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Meet: Ryan

Club Legend

What do you do: Commercial Business Banker at CBA: I help local businesses with banking services and funding needs.


I joined the Varsity Lakes Rotary Club to: Give some of my time and effort to give back to others and the community, and to help achieve something required for those in need.

The things I like about my job: It provides a good mix of two areas I enjoy – building relationships working closely with customers and their business; and my work often requires complex credit risk and financial analysis which I find rewarding.


Biggest Frustrations: Slow Drivers in the right hand lane.

Best Attributes: I am ​naturally friendly and able to easily engage with other people

Greatest Strengths: Chest Press – followed swiftly by a spinning back kick – oh .....and I can easily strike up great conversations.

Biggest Personal Challenges: ​Consistency in Discipline in life health goals…..and achieving approval for my application to Farmer Wants a Wife.

Biggest industry Challenges: Seeking to meet eligible customer requests whilst educating and collecting seemingly more information to maintain and meet legislation requirements to ensure all is complaint.

Proudest Moments:  Making it to 40!! And all I have experienced with family/work growth to date. Worked hard. Played Hard. Whilst learning a lot along the way .................as I’ll continue to I’m sure..

The times I feared for my life: ​When an investment company I worked for went under during the GFC and the business received many actual bomb threats over a month with armed Police and dogs arriving on site!

The best advice I’ve been given: When faced with hard outcomes at work….think about walking through the terminally ill ward of a hospital and realise those poor battlers have it harder than this situation - so really is my problem minor in the scheme of things.

The best advice I can give: ​Let go of What Was. Accept What Is. Have Faith in What Will Be.

If I won lotto: I’d share a good portion of it, and buy a nice home next to the beach

I try to relax by: Relaxing near the beach, or hitting the open road on my motorbike.  

If I could be someone else for just one day, I would be: ​No one else – but youd love to spend the day learning with Peter Crone 'The Mind Architect'.

When I was a child I wanted to: ​​A Fighter Pilot – Maverick from Top Gun

Rules to live by: Give as much love to yourself as you would give to others.

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