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Meet: Mok

Club Secretary

What do you do: Secretary of Varsity Lakes Rotary Club & Principal Training & Employment  Officer/Legal Solutions

I joined the Varsity Lakes Rotary Club to: selfless service

The things I like about my job: ​Working with culturally and linguistically diverse background communities


Biggest Frustrations: Anonymous phone calls

Best Attributes: Mediation and communication

Greatest Strengths: Trust and honour

Biggest Personal Challenges: Keeping fit

Biggest industry Challenges: Ai

Proudest Moments: Completing all my professional studies

The times I feared for my life: Police Pursuit

The best advice I’ve been given: DV Victims

The best advice I can give: Communicate and listen

If I can I always try to avoid: Not punctual people

If I won lotto: Community help

I try to relax by: Travelling, cooking and golf

If I could be someone else for just one day, I would be: Clint Eastwood   

When I was a child I wanted to: Join the Army

Rules to live by: Always listen to Parents no matter what

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