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Meet: Linus

Club International Director

What do you do: Currently completing my master degree in Construction at Bond University, and I work part-time as a Junior Construction Project Assistant in Brisbane


I joined the Varsity Lakes Rotary Club to: Serve the community. Before joining the club, I was a rotaract back in Sydney and I have had multiple rotary scholarships towards my studies. It was about time I gave back by becoming a Rotarian

The things I like about my job: ​Working on-site every single day is different with new faces and challenges. 


Biggest Frustrations: Catching a 4:40 am train to work! 

Best Attributes: Accountability, Loyal, and Passionate

Greatest Strengths: Giving up is not an option

Biggest Personal Challenges: Biting my nails when stress and getting multiple panic attacks when things don't go on my way. 

Biggest industry Challenges: Probably 2hrs to commute to work one way, which includes two train rides, two bus rides, and 20 mins walk because I lost my car and driving license a day after I got the job

Proudest Moments: There has been many but current one when I got my current job. I needed this job. 

The times I feared for my life: Probably every time I post anti-government tweets on my twitter page. 2. Few weeks ago I just finished reading how government executes its foreign citizens and someone knocked on my door at 9 pm when all my housemates had left for a weekend.( We never had late-night visitors. ) Called police who never picked up. Turned out to be one of our friends

The best advice I’ve been given: If you can't be yourself, what are you living for?

The best advice I can give: Listen and follow your heart tells you, it knows you better

If I won lotto: Invest in property, farming, and travel around the world 

I try to relax by: Long walks

If I could be someone else for just one day, I would be: Maybe Jose Mourinho (Football Coach), Enrique Iglesias (singer ) or Zitto Kabwa ( My favourite politician in Tanzania)

When I was a child I wanted to: An actor   

Rules to live by: You have one life to live, make the most of it. 

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