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Meet: Josh

Our Club's Gold Coast Representative
Quest_Robina-op logo.png

1.   What do you do:    

Owner/Director of Quest Robina                                                                    

2.    I want to join the Varsity Lakes Rotary Club because:                 

It is a local community organisation that I feel will provide a way to give back locally.   


3.    The things I like about my job:       

Love coaching new team members that might not quite know how to develop and grow professional (and in business) in the hospitality industry                   


4.    Biggest Frustrations:                      

Red Tape, HR, political (in)correctness                                   


5.    Best Attributes:                             

Strong Leadership, strong business acumen, strong broad and well placed communication

6.    Greatest Strengths:                       

Glass half full, solutions focused.

7.    Biggest Personal Challenges:      



8.    Biggest industry Challenges:          



9.    Proudest Moments:                       

My Son, selling our first business and buying the second                                         

10.  The times I feared for my life:       

Definitely when I was a passenger with a specific someone.                                             

11.  The best advice I’ve been given:     

Make mistakes only once.


12.  The best advice I can give:          

Get yourself ready and early, so when that opportunity presents itself you can grab with both hands.                                         


​​13.  If I can I always try to avoid:           

Saying No.                                           


14.  If I won lotto:     

You likely wouldn’t even know!                                                                         

15.  I try to relax by:     

Running, Podcasts,  by the pool.                                                             


16.  When I was a child I wanted to be:   

Working in IT                                          


17.  If I could be someone else for just one day, I would be:

Neil Patrick Harris - now that would be entertaining ...... hahaha         


18.   Rules to live by: 

Find your passion, then find what you enjoy that pays for it, and then don’t give yourself any excuse to not follow through on both.

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