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Meet: Darren

Chef & Local Business Owner

What do you do:      

I am a business owner of Jazzi Nails & Beauty ,a consultant chef and stay at home dad


I  want to join the Varsity Lakes Rotary Club because:             

To network our business and meet like minded business people


The things I like about my job:      

I get to stay at home.                       


Biggest Frustrations:          



​Best Attributes:             

Being a personal chef in the USA.                                                          


​Greatest Strengths:               



Biggest Personal Challenges:            

Difficult people                                


Biggest industry Challenges:                          

starting a business from scratch.                           


Proudest Moments:           

Our little girl.                                                   


​The times I feared for my life:             

mainly on small aircraft in bad weather .                                     


The best advice I’ve been given:         

It’s no fun being unemployed                                    


​The best advice I can give:          

Save your money don’t smoke.                                         


If I can I always try to avoid:             

Negative people                                      


If I won lotto:                                                                               

spread the love


I try to relax by:             

staying home                                                              


When I was a child I wanted to be:           

A rock star                                 


​If I could be someone else for just one day, I would be:          

Hugh Hefner


Rules to live by: 

Don’t let people walk over you and be kind

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