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Meet: Ben

Real Estate Agent

1.   What do you do: ​

Real estate agent

2.    I want to join the Varsity Lakes Rotary Club because: 

I love Varsity Lakes and want to be more involved in helping make the community better and better

3.    The things I like about my job: ​

Working with people helping them to realise their dreams of purchasing or selling a home.

4.    Biggest Frustrations: ​With work? Missing out on opportunities 


5.    Best Attributes: ​

Determination, resilience and fun 

6.    Greatest Strengths: 


7.    Biggest Personal Challenges: 

​I used to say doing Ironman Triathlon but having kids is much harder haha

8.    Biggest industry Challenges: ​

Changing companies in late 2020. 

9.    Proudest Moments: ​

Kids and Playing Pro golf

10.  The times I feared for my life:  ​


11.  The best advice I’ve been given: ​

Winners never quit, quitters never win

12.  The best advice I can give: 

​Work harder than you think you need to.

13.  If I can I always try to avoid: ​

Changing dirty nappies

14.  If I won lotto: ​

I would buy a new home on the lake, invest in my business and take more holidays with my kids

15.  I try to relax by: ​

Watching movies

16.  When I was a child I wanted to be: ​

a professional golfer

17.  If I could be someone else for just one day, I would be: ​

The Rock

18.   Rules to live by:  ​

Whatever you do, do it well.

Ben Ratcliffe.jpg
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