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Meet: Anton

Associate Director & Immediate Past President

What do you do: Family Lawyer and Council Member for Varsity College

I joined the Varsity Lakes Rotary Club to: give back to the community, to do my best to assist in projects on a local and global level which serve to improve the lives of others and society at large.

The things I like about my job: Taking the right approach to family law. Helping people through a difficult period in their lives. Guiding them to make the right decisions, and to assist them in reaching a successful outcome with the minmum of stress, delay and legal costs. 


Biggest Frustrations: Organisations that raise money for a cause which ultimately isn't then passed on to the intended recipient.

Best Attributes: Negotiation, Communication, Introducing people of my network to collaborate in ways that they may not have relised they can; such as the delivering of 16 computers to a school in East Timor that would have otherwise been destroyed, and finding & introducing major sponsors to the Griffith University Malaria Vaccination Project.

Greatest Strengths: My ability to network and introduce, My family's Rotary Tradition and upbringing.

Biggest Personal Challenges: I'm extremely time poor.

Proudest Moments: Getting married and starting a family with an incredible little daughter during my year as President of the club. 

The times I feared for my life: Receiving a serious head trauma playing rugby, which thankfully I have recovered from.

The best advice I’ve been given: Always treat others as you would like others to treat you & be ethical in everything you do. 

The best advice I can give: Never compromise your morals. 

If I can I always try to avoid: Saying it can't be done. I will always try to find a solution to every problem that life presents. 

If I won lotto: I would be very happy.

I try to relax by: Kite surfing, playing in the water whether that be ocean, lake or rive. Being towed behind a boat on any form of board, be it a wakeboard or foilboard.

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