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Meet: Anthony

Accountant - Trak Accountants

1.   What do you do:                                                                          


2.    I want to join the Varsity Lakes Rotary Club because:             

I would like to give back to the community

3.    The things I like about my job:                                                   

Helping people with their finances and business

4.    Biggest Frustrations:                                                                  

Time wasters

5.    Best Attributes:                                                                           

Organisation Skills

6.    Greatest Strengths:                                                                     


7.    Biggest Personal Challenges:                                                    

To be happy

8.    Biggest industry Challenges:                                                     

To have a balance between work and play

9.    Proudest Moments:                                                                     

Having my daughters

10.  The times I feared for my life:                                                    

Nearly died in a car accident

11.  The best advice I’ve been given:                                               

Knowledge is power

12.  The best advice I can give:                                                        

Family first work second

13.  If I can I always try to avoid:                                                      

People that think they know it all

14.  If I won lotto:                                                                               

Make sure family is well taken of

15.  I try to relax by:                                                                           


16.  When I was a child I wanted to be:                                            

In the Army

17.  If I could be someone else for just one day, I would be:          

Bill gates

18.   Rules to live by:                                                                          

Work hard play hard

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